February 2015: Chapter Meeting

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PMI-SNC Chapter Meeting

PMI-SNC Chapter Meeting
February  19th, 2015! - 5:30PM - 7:30 PM:   Register Here
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$25 for Members  - $30 for non-members 
*Registration ends: Tuesday February 17th at 9:30 A.M.
Location: Tuscany Suites and Casino 
Presentation by: Amber Pandya
Topic: Through the Eyes of a Millennial: Leveraging Today’s Technology for Corporate Communications

Short Bio: 
Ms. Pandya is a change management professional specializing in helping corporations change the way 
they think about communications within their organizations and specific to special projects. After 
graduating with a Communications degree from the University of Maryland, she has helped to manage a 
national campaign on cybersecurity awareness, assisted in the development of a crisis communication 
plan for a government agency, proposed a strategy which revitalized an international organization’s 
internal communication process, and was the lead communication strategist for a national medical 
association. Currently she is the organizational change management communications lead for a 20 
million dollar Oracle ERP project. As seen by these roles, she has been able to identify and develop a 
niche and passion for communication in a short amount of time. She currently lives in New York City, 
where she enjoys supporting local artists and finding new shows to attend. 

Presentation Topic:
Through the Eyes of a Millennial: Leveraging Today’s Technology for Corporate Communications 
Admit it – almost all of us are using social media in some way. And why wouldn’t we? Social media is not 
only a great way to stay in touch with friends and loved ones, but it also opens the door to an 
international stage and two-way conversation. In this way, businesses can also leverage not just social 
media, but many other platforms of communication to enhance their global presence and stakeholder 
conversations, and provide information about major project initiatives. The truth is, whether an 
organization chooses to be a part of this international stage, they will be, so it’s best to be a voluntary 
front runner, right there with the millennials. 
Improving corporate and project communication, of course, requires more than using social media. In 
this topic, I will present real-life examples of how I have been able to help change the way organizations 
think about communication, using old methods and new technology to enhance various marketing 
efforts, business processes, and inform key stakeholders on project activities and change impact. At the 
end of the discussion, I hope to leave you with a broader sense of the power of effective corporate 
communication, the use of communication tools that appeal to up and coming generations, and provide 
actionable examples you can take to your own organization.


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